Energise Your Life: Top Tips for Optimal Energy Levels

Maintaining optimal energy levels is important so we can show up the best version of ourselves and accomplish our daily talks with ease. While quick fixes like caffeine and sugary snacks might give you a temporary energy boost, they can leave you feeling worse afterwards and contribute to your fatigue long term.

As a nutritionist, I believe that true energy comes from nourishing your body with the right foods and supporting your body’s natural energy rhythm. Let me share my favourite ways to support your body’s natural energy production and how to maintain optimal energy levels.

#1 Don’t be afraid of carbohydrates

As women, it is common to be fearful of carbs. But complex carbohydrates are the body’s primary energy source, as they provide a steady release of glucose throughout the day. Complex carbohydrates include whole grains such as quinoa, brown rice and whole wheat products, sweet potato and other fibre rich vegetables and fruits. Prioritising these carbohydrates over processed refined carbohydrates like cereals, white bread and pastries, will offer your body more nutrients but also help to stabilise blood sugar levels which can help to improve energy.

#2 Stay hydrated

Water intake is so commonly neglected when it comes to fatigue. A lot of people don’t know that dehydration can lead to fatigue! If you’re not consistently consuming enough water per day (at least 2L+), you’re likely to be dehydrated without even realising it. You can also include herbal teas, fruit infused or flavoured water, coconut water and powdered supplements into your daily hydration intake. For a delicious tasting hydration booster, you can't go past our NH BCAA’s + Hydration formula.

Our Naked Harvest BCAAs contain coconut water which is naturally high in electrolytes, as well as sodium chloride. The perfect drink to sip on during your workout.

#3 Eat a nutritious & balanced breakfast

To balance your blood sugar for stable and increased energy, breakfast should be eaten within 1 hour of waking. An optimal breakfast to set your day up for success should include all 3 macronutrients; carbohydrates, fats and protein. Vegemite on toast or a bowl of cereal isn’t going to cut it. Start your day right by swapping out sugary cereals and carbohydrate only based foods (toast, crumpets, pancakes etc.) for nutrient-dense options. Opt for a bowl of protein overnight oats topped with fruit, a protein smoothie with leafy green, or whole grain toast with avocado and eggs.

#4 Assess nutrient deficiencies

Nutrients are important for optimal energy, and nutrient deficiencies are increasingly common in our modern world due to the decreasing nutrient content of our food. People who are commonly stressed, women on the oral contraceptive pill or with heavy menstrual bleeds, postpartum women, and plant based eaters are especially prone to experience nutrient deficiencies. Some of the top blood tests to consider include a full blood count (FBC), iron panel, thyroid panel, vitamin B12, folate and Vitamin D. These tests can be ordered through your doctor, or by a degree qualified nutritionist. Be sure to have your results analysed by a nutritionist who can advise you on the best and quickest way to rectify any nutrient deficiencies.

#5 Get exposure to sunlight daily

Exposure to sunlight signals our brain to be alert and awake, and regulates our circadian (sleep/wake cycle). The best way to increase your energy through sunlight is to get sunlight first thing in the morning, to signal a natural release of energy. Additionally, sunlight around the time when the sun is setting in the evening is also beneficial, as it encourages your body to release melatonin which helps you get ready for a restful sleep, and in turn to wake up feeling more refreshed.

#6 Move regularly

Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your body tissues, and reduces your body's stress hormone, cortisol, which can leave you feeling flat and tired. Incorporating movement into your day can also reduce insomnia and enhance deep sleep. If you’re low on energy, do something gentle like a walk, yoga or pilates. However, if you are feeling stressed or under the pump, HIIT or high intensity workouts can be detrimental as they increase your stress hormones, so keep it gentle. Additionally, try not to exercise too close to bedtime as this has also been known to affect your sleep quality.

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