About Us

Our aim is to revolutionise the standard of women’s active health supplements in the health industry.

We want to make a change

In 2019, Social media powerhouse, health advocate & podcast host Georgie Stevenson joined forces with her brother Coopa, and together shared one powerful vision… to revolutionise the standard of men and women’s active health supplements.

Why did we start?

After many years of searching for the perfect nutritional supplements to support her active & healthy lifestyle, it came to Georgie’s attention that there are very few natural supplements on the market, especially those made with women in mind.

Similarly, due to battling a multitude of food intolerances from a young age, Coopa was equally determined to provide a new range of natural, health conscious products to the market. As a lover of health and wellness himself, Coopa felt it was critical to develop supplements without the artificial nasties and misleading information, that catered to both men and women’s nutritional needs.

So, just like that, armed with one ambitious goal this sibling duo partnered up to create something magical, and so Naked Harvest was born.

We want to provide YOU with supplements that nourish, fuel, complement and optimise YOUR day.

Who is Naked Harvest?

We are a family run, all-natural supplements company, set out to provide you with supplements that nourish, fuel, complement and optimise your day. The best bit? Each of our products have been carefully formulated using only the finest ingredients mother nature has to offer. We’ve stripped it back, so our products are naked! You only get what you need, and only the good stuff!

Our Promise

Naked Harvest will elevate your health, support your active lifestyle and most importantly, educate and inform you on the supplements that you choose to consume. Here at NH HQ, we believe in total transparency, so you will know exactly what you’re putting into your body… from the very first product.

Follow us as we transform the quality of men and women’s supplements, and your life for good!