Georgie's 1 Year Postpartum Check In

Hey NH gang, it’s Georgie here - co-founder of Naked Harvest. It’s been over a year now since I’ve had Ivy girl and holy sh** - motherhood is WILD. Everyone always tells you just how big of an adjustment it is… but until you’re in it, you don’t realise just how big! You go from tears, to gratitude, to stress in a matter of minutes. It’s been the most rewarding, but also one of the hardest times of my life - but I wouldn’t change a single thing about motherhood.

One question I commonly get asked from all my mummas & mummas-to-be is ‘what supplements should I take postpartum?’ So I thought I’d do a 1 year check in and give the rundown on my own postpartum supplements journey. All of the products I’ve listed have made my life easier one way or another, helped support the goals I’m reaching towards, or made me feel most comfortable (both physically and mentally) during my recovery. Keep on reading to find out more!

Each stage of my postpartum journey has looked SO different, so let’s break it down with a bit of a timeline for context:

2 months postpartum

  • Sleep - The entire first 2 months were honestly a blur and the most challenging for me personally (I’m sure my other mamas can relate). Ivy was waking up numerous times during the night, so this is where I leaned on Moon Mylk quite heavily to make sure I was getting the best possible sleep when I could (I really wasn’t getting much at all). At around 8 weeks, Tim & I had a sleep consultant come in to give us all the tips & tricks about sleeping & feeding. This was an absolute game changer - for not only myself & Tim’s happiness, but also Ivy’s! Thankfully, Ivy started sleeping through the night at around the 12 week mark. If you want additional information about our sleep training journey, I’ve linked my R&C podcast for you here

  • Breastfeeding - My breastfeeding journey started off really well. Ivy latched straight away and fed really well for the first month! During our breastfeeding journey, of course I used our Mylk Shake which helped bring in my milk supply and ensured that both Ivy & myself were getting all the vitamins and minerals we needed. You can take Mylk Shake by itself, but I mostly opted for a smoothie blend with our Gorgeous Greens & Beauty Elixir Collagen. There was a 3-week period when I experienced some hair loss, but this thankfully didn’t last too long - and I think this can be attributed to my consistent use of collagen! I took Gorgeous Greens and Collagen my whole pregnancy and found them SO helpful to keep up my vitamins, minerals and all the good stuff I needed to keep my body thriving!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know my breastfeeding journey was quite short-lived though. Ivy began to refuse the boob around the 4 month mark, which was a really hard point for me. She was hungry, I was frustrated, and I just couldn’t see what had gone wrong! This is when I started pumping and combination feeding which really helped overcome this. I soon dropped pumping all together around the 5 month mark and Ivy was formula fed. If your breastfeeding journey isn’t what you thought, remember to be kind to yourself. You are amazing mumma, fed is best!

3-4 months postpartum

  • Return to exercise - I began to ease back into working out through a mix of home workouts and group fitness classes, which elevated how I felt both mentally and physically. Our Natural Pre-workout helped me SO much with this - pre really gave me the motivation & energy buzz I needed (after receiving approval from doc, of course). If you’re a new mumma wanting to try it out, but are feeling a bit iffy about the caffeine content, we have Stim-Free Pre-Workout available too.

  • Return to work - I returned back to work full time around the 6 month mark. Mentally, this was a bit of an exhausting period for me - there were times when I struggled to find a balance between going back to work, looking after Ivy, and I also took on mum guilt which I knew that I had to work on dropping. I felt like I was coming up short when it came to doing enough, giving enough and being enough to Ivy.

6+ months postpartum

  • Finding balance & removing mum guilt - This is when I decided to free myself of mum guilt by working through my limiting beliefs. The simple acknowledgement that returning to work & fitness are crucial for cultivating my own happiness was SO liberating for me. Not to mention it’s helped me become the best possible version of myself, so I can be the best mum I can for precious Ivy! Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a work-in-progress - but no journey is ever linear. Everyday, I’m getting better at achieving a happy work-life-fitness balance by practising patience, forgiveness and compassion towards myself. Biggest advice I can give you is to focus on YOU and your family - don’t stress about what others think or what you ‘should’ do. When I dropped the rules and focused on my family and what worked for us, I really started to feel like ‘me’ again. Also - DO NOT forgot your ‘you’ time. I have a weekly massage booked in that is so crucial for me to feel like myself and fill my own cup. Find what fills up your cup mumma - this is so important!

I hope sharing my journey has inspired any other mummas out there who are navigating the crazy world that is motherhood. If you’re reading this, just remember:

Your body is doing the most incredible thing for you, please show yourself love & compassion. Try not to put pressure on yourself or compare yourself to others - every mother’s journey looks SO incredibly different. You are doing an amazing job, and are exactly where you are meant to be

Love always, G x

*DISCLAIMER: All supplements Georgie has listed were personally approved by her GP during her TTC journey. We ALWAYS recommend speaking to a healthcare practitioner before taking any NH supplements whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.