THRIVE: 5 Minutes with Olivia Calabio

Olivia is all about living a positive lifestyle and radiating that positivity to her followers. Ever since she started exercising her self confidence skyrocketed and she’s never looked back. 

Along with fitness, Olivia is super passionate about curly hair and how going ‘natural’ has changed her life for the better. The one thing she thought was a massive flaw her whole life has now turned into her favourite thing about it herself. 

Olivia strives to promote this idea of accepting and owning our natural beauty, and to not be afraid of being different, just be you!

Q. What makes you THRIVE every day? 

I’m lucky to be able to have a job I really enjoy and am passionate about, so I thrive when I’m working (modelling and content creation). I love being in front of the camera, feeling sexy and confident in my own skin, it’s empowering! I also thrive when I’m on track with a healthy diet and my gym sessions.

Q. What does a “healthy” lifestyle look like to you? 

A healthy lifestyle to me is incorporating some sort of exercise into your weekly routine and trying your best to eat whole foods instead of processed foods. You can still eat sweets and yummy snacks (I definitely do!) and be healthy, it’s all about balance. Aside from the physical stuff having a healthy lifestyle also means having positive, supportive people around you that uplift you and bring out your happiness in everyday life.

Q. If you had to cook one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’m not a very good cook, so it’d be something simple but tasty like pasta or spaghetti bolognese!

Q. What are three habits that have improved your life dramatically?

Joining the gym definitely changed my life! I never used to exercise and it has became a new passion of mine that not only improved me physically but mentally too. A second habit that changed my life was getting rid of fake friends and negative people out of my life. I feed off people’s energy and if I feel off about someone I no longer try to put effort into them, negative people aren’t worth it! And a third habit would be wearing my natural hair instead of straightening it! Going curly has improved my life in ways I could have never imagined and now I always I encourage others to do the same.

Q. What is your favourite way to move your body?

Weight lifting (especially leg day!) my favourites at the moment are deadlifts, leg press and hip thrusts.

Q. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt on your health journey, that you want to share with others?

You can do more than you think! You just need to stay consistent and be passionate about your goal. We all lose motivation and take steps backwards sometimes but you just gotta keep at it.

Q. What is your favourite THRIVE flavour, and how do you like to use it? Can we have the recipe?

My favourite is the vanilla shortbread flavour and I love blending it with banana and frozen berries! So sweet and refreshing! 

Q. Lastly, where can people find you?!

You can find me on Instagram @oliviacalabio and on YouTube at All Things Olive :)