THRIVE: 5 Minutes with Coopa Stevenson

Coopa is our co-founder here at Naked Harvest. Let's find out what makes him thrive. 

Q. What makes you THRIVE every day?

Progression! I Thrive if I am progressing towards my goals each day.   

Q. What does a “healthy” lifestyle look like to you?

Finding happiness in every single day! 

Q. If you had to cook one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Steak, chips and salad! Simple but delicious. 

Q. What are three habits that have improved your life dramatically?

Being happy throughout the day, listening to podcasts and audiobooks and living close to the beach! 

Q. What is your favourite way to move your body?

I can't pick! Either gym, surfing or playing golf.  

Q. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt on your health journey, that you want to share with others?

It's okay to have cheat days or even a treat each day! As long you nourish your body with healthy, wholesome foods... you're healthy! And of course using supplements to really push the results. Think 80/20 rule - everything is healthy in moderation. 

Q. What is your favourite THRIVE flavour, and how do you like to use it? Can we have the recipe?

Vanilla Shortbread... it's the perfect flavour for my favourite smoothies!

Q. Lastly, where can people find you?! 

My Instagram handle is @coopa.stevenson!