Strawberry Protein Yoghurt Bowl

 At NH HQ, we're all about quick and easy breakfasts to get us energised and out the door for a busy day. This Strawberry Protein Yoghurt Bowl made with our brand new Strawberries & Cream THRIVE Plant Protein, is the most delicious, filling and nourishing brekky you could ask for. Plus, it's packed with adaptogens, superfoods and minerals for a thriving body. 


What You'll Need:


Here's How to Make It: 

  1. Mix your yoghurt and THRIVE Plant Protein together until smooth 
  2. Topped with Granola, Goji Berries, Chia Seeds & Fruit of choice!


THRIVE is packed FULL of nutrients, vitamins and minerals & functional ingredients to promote a thriving body. We have formulated the perfect plant-based protein (pea and rice) with Magnesium, Organic Maca, Siberian Ginseng, Digestive Enzymes, Psyllium Husk and more to provide you with increased energy, mental performance, immune protection and extra tummy love.

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