Sober Curious: What It Means, How To Do It & the Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol

You may have seen the topic of sober curiosity infiltrate your TikTok For You page, or maybe you're just beginning to question your relationship with alcohol. Either way, you've come to the right place! It's Bree here, in-house nutritionist at Naked Harvest - and today we'll be discussing all things alcohol.

What is sober curiosity?

As the negative physical, mental & professional impacts of alcohol consumption are continually being questioned in our society, sober curiosity has started to become a widely discussed topic. Sober curious people don’t have the intention of going cold turkey with alcohol completely, but want to explore the lifestyle and benefits associated with cutting down on their alcohol intake. If you've ever questioned why you drink, or how often you drink - then welcome to the sober curious club! 

What are the benefits of reducing my alcohol consumption?

Consuming more alcohol than is right for you can result in fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, depression, sleep and gut disturbances. This is because a lot happens in your body when you drink alcohol - such as an increase in blood pressure and blood sugar, difficulty stringing a sentence together, and even walking in a straight line! Believe it or not - even small amounts of alcohol can be detrimental to your health. 

Still looking for more reasons to cut out the booze? Then listen up...

1. Better Sleep

Even small amounts of alcohol affect sleep processes and cause poor sleep quality, which can leave you feeling tired the next day (no matter how long you spent asleep!) Alcohol consumption can contribute to insomnia, sleep apnea, shorter sleep duration and increased sleep waking throughout the night. Although some people feel that alcohol can help them get to sleep by making them feel tired, the quality of sleep you will actually get is compromised.

2. More energy

Alcohol not only affects your energy by causing a poor sleep, but because it depletes important nutrients needed for energy production (such as B vitamins and magnesium). Quitting alcohol will help these important nutrient stores replenish, leading to improved overall energy. 

3. Improved immunity 

Alcohol suppresses the immune system and impacts the healthy bacteria in your gut microbiome - which also affects your immunity. So, by giving up alcohol, you’re also supporting your body’s natural defence against infections and illnesses!

4. Improved mental health 

Along with better sleep and improved energy, you may start to think clearer and give your mental health a boost. Giving up alcohol may also reduce anxiety and reduce the symptoms of other common mental health problems. Say goodbye to hangxiety, and hello to a clear mind! 

5. Improved liver health

The liver is an important organ for detoxification, and alcohol is metabolised by the liver - so your liver can also become sluggish if it’s constantly trying to filter out alcohol. 

Are you experiencing headaches, fatigue, allergies, bowel irregularities, acne or skin problems, anxiety or depression? Maybe this is your liver signalling that you need a break! 

Bonus benefit: saving money!

Think about how many factors come into play when you’re planning a night of drinking - the outfit, the alcohol, the Ubers, the hungover meals the next day - this will all be reduced once the drinking is too!

3 tips to make it easier to cut down on alcohol

1. Increase protein in your diet to support healthy brain function.

2. Swap dinner and drinks with your friends to a coffee or breakfast date. You'll be less tempted to reach for the booze if it's not right in front of you! 

3. Set yourself a goal or small challenge so you feel accomplished when you eventually achieve your goal.

Try out this hydrating BCAA & Collagen mocktail!

Cutting down on the booze has never been easier with this hydrating, delicious & easy to make Berry Kiss Mocktail. It tastes so good, you'll forget that it's even alcohol free!

Here’s what you will need:

Naked Harvest Strawberry Coconut BCAAs

Naked Harvest Pure Collagen

Strawberries or raspberries

Tonic water (or lemonade if you have a sweet tooth!)

Strawberry syrup

Agave syrup

Pink sprinkles


Here’s how to make it:

Pour tablespoon of agave syrup onto a plate & pink sprinkles onto a separate plate

Twist the top of glass in circular in the agave syrup

Repeat same step with pink sprinkles to rim the glass

Combine all ingredients (except sprinkles & agave syrup) into a cocktail shaker

Shake until outside of the shaker feels cold

Pour, sip & enjoy!