#NHgang Day on a Plate with Steph McDonald

We love to know what the average "day on a plate" looks like for our #NHgang! Check it out... our girl Steph gives us a sneak peek into her every day "day on a plate". If you're looking for some healthy eating #inspo, you've come to the right place! 

As someone whose job revolves around food and recipe creation - I actually tend to keep my own meals pretty simple, quick, and easy!

After hours in the kitchen working, the last thing I want to do is spend any more time than necessary putting together a complicated meal. I always keep my fridge full of fresh veg, fruit, and lots of easy carb sources like rice cakes, oats and potatoes so that I can whip together balanced meals without fuss. I’m also coming off the back of a low FODMAP protocol, so I’m trying to find the perfect balance between reintroducing more variety in my diet and sticking to the foods I know make me feel my best. Every day on my plate is a little different, but I always make sure I’m eating enough and treating myself well - literally!


Creamy Protein Porridge:


Decaf Coffee or Matcha Latte


Rice cakes topped with Vegemite, avocado, scrambled eggs (usually 2 whole and 2 extra white) and spinach 


Another decaf coffee with a Better Being Bar protein bar


Grilled barramundi or prawns with roast pumpkin & potatoes (seasoned with savoury hemp blend), steamed broccoli, beans, zucchini, spinach & avocado


Moon Mylk and a square of dark chocolate