#NHgang Day in my Life with Sarah Cooper

We love to know what the average "day in the life" looks like for our #NHgang! Check it out... our girl Sarah from @scoopitup_ gives us a sneak peek into her everyday routine. If you're looking for some healthy habits #inspo, you've come to the right place! 

8:00 am: 

If I am not working I will sleep in a bit and get up around 8 am, usually lie in bed a little and listen to music/plan my workout

8:30 am:

Time for a workout! If I am not teaching I will do my own workout - usually spin, boxing or the sculpt society. 

9:30 am:

I also walk to get a coffee to start my day with fresh air and sunshine before sitting at my desk doing uni work. 

10:00 am:

Brekkie time! I will usually make a savoury brekkie, lately, in the cold, I have been doing something warm like eggs or falafels with cauliflower rice, sauteed kale in bone broth and tahini with chilli and turmeric for healing properties!

10:30 - 2:00 pm:

I will usually spend the day doing university lectures, @scoopitup emails, recipe content, class preparation or class filming as during COVID we have been pre-recording classes while the studios shut! I will try and break up my jobs into segments - either teach in between uni or go for a walk/ make a recipe so I am not sitting all day. 

2:00 pm:

I will break up my workday by going to the studio to film or teach a class and make myself some lunch before working again. 

3:00 - 6:00 pm:  

More uni study! Or @scoopitup work ( boring lol!) Always made better with a good playlist and diffusing some oils to help concentration.

6:00 pm: 

I love ending my day with a warm bath and magnesium salts. I recently made my own body scrub so I have been using that in the bath!

7:00 pm: 

Dinner time! I always have dinner with my family together so we cook something yummy usually some sort of protein ( fish or steak) with lots of veggies/salad. 

8:00 pm: 

If I am not finishing a recipe to photograph the next day I will try and wind down with a book or tv show. I just got a new book called the eggshell skull (highly recommend!)