Follow Georgie's "Busy Girl" Morning Routine

May 27, 2022
Hey NH gang, it’s Georgie here, co-founder of Naked Harvest. This blog post is for all my busy gals out there who haven’t found a morning routine that works for them. I’ve been mastering my morning routine for years and I’m here to help! As a woman, business owner, wife and new mum, I experience chaotic mornings regularly, but over time I’ve implemented the right tools and practises to help me feel calm and productive amidst the chaos. If you need to bring some structure and clarity back into your morning, then keep reading…

Between running Naked Harvest, my own personal brand & juggling mum life with my gorgeous Ivy girl, I can say that I have definitely had to adapt & reintroduce key practises  into my day to day life! These practises are what determine the success of my day, help me feel grounded and help me ease into my “busy girl” energy. Let’s walk you through it… 

Wake up & get moving!

Starting my day on a positive note, moving my body & releasing endorphins has always been a priority for me. In saying this, I’m going to be real with you, whether you’re a mum or not, finding the motivation for daily exercise can be a struggle. For a few months now, I’ve set myself the goal of 3 solid workouts per week (this is achievable for me, but I recommend setting a goal that works for you) and attending group classes at my local F45. This helps me keep accountable and also feels like a more enjoyable activity. My number one tip is to find exercise that you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t be consistent! 

To get me in the workout mood, I take my Naked Harvest natural pre-workout about 15-30 minutes before I train. Our pre-workout range acts as a natural mood enhancer and gets me feeling energised and ready for a great workout.  My current natural pre-workout combo is half a serving of NH watermelon stim-free pre-workout + half a serve of NH sweet strawberry pre-workout! If you’re looking to enhance your workout performance and need a natural energy boost without the crash, you need to check out our pre-workout range.

Fuel my body with a delicious & nutritious breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s something I DO NOT SKIP no matter how busy my mornings get.  A good, nutritious breakfast helps refuel my body after my workout and gives me the mental and physical energy to tackle my day.  

On my “busy girl” work days, my go-to brekky is this smoothie that is packed with protein, collagen and alkaline greens. Not only is this recipe so filling, but it’s nutriously dense and gives me the energy I need for the day. 

Click here to get my breakfast smoothie recipe!

My 5 minute journal and gratitude practise

Want to turn your day around and make sure your mind is focused? All you need is 5 minutes. Once I arrive at work, I do my daily 5 minute journal and gratitude practise. It’s a simple 3 step practise that I have being doing daily for almost 5 years and I truly believe it is the most powerful tool to mastering my mindset and day. On the days I don’t do this, I notice an enormous difference. For example, I am a more negative person, I am filled with self doubt, I am unclear on my goals and I am not as productive. This is why this practise in particular is one of the most important steps in my morning routine.

Let’s do it together. Answer these questions...  

  • Step 1: I am grateful for… (list 3 things)
  • Step 2: What would make today great? (list 3 things)
  • Step 3: I am… (list 3 positive affirmations you can tell yourself today)

Here's what I wrote in case you need some inspo!

  • I am grateful for...
    • I am grateful for my amazing husband Tim & my gorgeous Ivy girl.
    • I am grateful for my new podcast studio at NH HQ.
    • I am grateful for my incredible, hardworking team.
    • What would make today great?
      • Accomplishing my top 3 priority tasks.
      • Having a creative & productive day at work.
      • Ending the day with quality family time. 
      • I am...
        • I am limitless and anything is possible.
        • I am strong enough to handle anything life throws at me.
        • I am creating the life of my dreams. 

      Setting intentions and goals for the week

      The final step of my morning routine is to get my s*** sorted for the day! Running multiple businesses means I squeeze a lot into my days, that’s why creating structure, setting intentions and creating goals is super important! 

      First things first, I get my notepad out & braindump my tasks that need to be done for the day. I then pick my top 3 priority tasks (the tasks that take the most work and usually have the tightest deadlines), followed by a manageable list of 5-7 smaller tasks that I hope to complete that day!

      Once I have organised my main tasks, I like to write myself one goal for the day, this could be something as simple as getting 1 of my top priority tasks done or prioritising a particular meeting that I know needs my full attention! This is crucial so that even if my day doesn’t go as planned, by achieving your one goal for the day, you give yourself permission to leave feeling accomplished and happy with what you have achieved that day!

      I hope this blog has inspired you to take action and implement a sustainable morning routine in your everyday life. Setting your day up for success is one of the most important parts of my day and I hope that at least one of these practices will help give you the tools & resources to help thrive!

      As always, Naked Harvest is a huge part of my morning routine, so if any products mentioned about caught your eye, I put together my very own collection where you can shop my NH product staples. Click here to check out my collection!

      Enjoy lovely! , 

      Georgie xx