Cherry Cola Energy Iceblocks

Are you looking for a natural energy boost? Or something that'll help you train harder, for longer... but without the added nasties or synthetic stimulants? We've got just the thing! Our natural pre-workout is here to help you enhance your workout performance, increase your endurance and give you the ultimate energy boost, naturally.

Summer down under has arrived and what better way to celebrate the launch of our NEWEST SODA-LICIOUS Cherry Cola Natural Pre-workout then with some seriously cool Cherry Cola Energy Ice Blocks, made by our NH girl @geneschesser 🧊🍒 These ice blocks are the perfect pre-workout pump to give you a natural energy boost ⚡️



  1. Simply mix 330ml of cola kombucha with 2 tsp of Naked Harvest’s Cherry Cola natural pre-workout.
  2. Shake the mixture until well combined. 
  3. Pour mixture into ice block moulds and set overnight in the freezer. 
  4. VOILA! Enjoy your Cherry Cola Energy Ice Blocks before your workout!

A pre-workout blend designed without the artificial nasties, synthetic stimulants or misleading information. Check it out… our all natural pre-workout blend is designed to enhance your performance and give you that ultimate energy boost, naturally. Our natural pre-workout blend is vegan, all natural, gluten free and free from refined sugars! What more could you ask for?

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