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Best hot choccy before bed

Loved this product! Such a delicious sweet treat to help wind down before bed. Highly recommend


This flavour is so good and I'm glad I gave it a go after not enjoying the Strawberry one! SO smooth and delicious. It makes me so happy having a natural and vegan protein that also tastes really good. I was struggling with muscle recovery and was worried about adding a protein into my routine because I didn't want any nasties, and also wanted something vegan. This is PERFECT. Great flavour that goes with everything, definitely recommend giving it a go.

I purchased Moon Mylk after seeing it on Instagram, I was a bit skeptical of it actually working and tasting nice, so I only purchased the small one in case I didn't like it, now wish I brought the large one. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it and now look forward to having it before bedtime. I also find it quite sweet and only use half the amount, which is good cause it lasts longer.

Fab taste, relaxes me

Love this product. It’s my chocolate treat of an evening and I feel really relaxed afterwards.

Sample pack

Loved being able to try everything and find my favourite flavours

NH Starter Pack

Sample pack is such a great idea, got to try everything before I buy bulk and everything I tried was so tasty.
I am absolutely obsessed with all of these products!
I normally struggle to get down pre workout but NH pre workout tastes so good and works like a treat no word of a lie obsessed!

The best hot choccy

The Hot Choccy has helped me relax and sleep so much better. Highly recommend.. Delicious.


I look forward to having this every night, it’s so comforting and love that it’s chocolate flavoured!! I find I only use half the recommended amount though as it’s quite sweet!
Will definitely be ordering again!

My go too BCAA

Ive been buying from naked harvest for a while now as their thrive plant protein is my favourite protein on the market. recently i have been getting into strength training and have been looking for BCAAs but everyone I looked at had added nasties or had ingredients that I couldn't identify.
I was super excited when i discovered NH was releasing these and can confirm they are absolutely incredible. After only 2 uses i have noticed a difference in my training after i drank them. Strawberry is defiantly a favourite though! Thankyou NH for never failing to produce incredible products that make you feel good inside and out xx

Loved it

I love this idea of a sample pack. Allows me
To choose my favourites products! Absolutely obsessed with the protein powders and greens powder.


This was my first go at protein powder & pre-work out and i LOVED IT! Awesome taste, heaps of value in this pack and i feel great already. Highly recommend this starter pack to try out their range - the added collagen and green range is a great bonus!

OMG, this stuff is amazing. Taste a little funkie on its own, but my hair has grown so much. Everyone has noticed and my skin is sooo soft. I love it. I am on my 4th tub!!! Highly recommend to anyone who has dry skin or hair.

Perfect way to test products!

The NH starter pack was the best way to try each product! Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to try NH products by not sure which flavours you may like!

This has been a game changer!! A few weeks of having it before bed, blissful nights sleep, and my normal morning bad back as all but disappeared!
In general feeling happy and more energetic than I have in ages. Absolutely love my Moon Mylk!!

Moon Mylk Sample

Just bought a sample and I love it so much! Tastes just like a hot chocolate except it’s actually healthy. I was surprised how sweet it actually is unlike other healthy hot chocolate powders. I also really like that it contains different vitamins to help me reach my daily intake. About to buy the 400g tub right now! Definitely recommend :)


I am in LOVE with the Moon Mylk. The taste is so amazing and I love the coconut hint. It really helps me doze off before bed and is not overpowering at all. I use one and a half teaspoons in my milk because that's what suits my taste buds. Already onto my second one xx


Have seen NH Moon Mylk advertised over Facebook and thought I would give it a try. So glad I did because it is delicious....would totally recommend! YUM


I bought this but was skeptical it wouldn’t really taste like chocolate. It arrived today and I couldn’t wait until night time to try it. It’s freaking delicious 🤤.
I had it with just hot water and it was amazing so I imagine trying it with some milk will make it even better.
Well done NH team, you’ve nailed it.

Excellent chance to try.

So Glad I purchased this bundle - it gave me the opportunity to try out the best flavours for me, before committing to buy - will definitely be back to purchase the greens and some protein. The bottle is great too!

Sweet benefits for a sweet tooth

I am really loving this product. It has the right amount of sweetness and is good for you too. I am ordering again.


This is such a lovely product! Perfect to wind down at night and improves sleep quality! Tastes absolutely amazing too! Will definitely be ordering again ♡

Excellent result

My hair has grown so much, even my kids have noticed, also my finger nails are great, on to my third container and loving it, would highly recommend.

Pretty awesome

The taste is great compared to other proteins and very low carb and low sugar


Not only does this taste great, my quality of slee has recently improved so much, will be buying in bulk from now on!

Great Samples

Highly recommend the sample pack if this is your first time trying. The flavour I thought I’d like the least actually turned out to be my favourite!! Love the product & the fact I don’t experience any strange effects like many other pre workouts I’ve tried.