Fall In Love With Your Sunday Reset

Are you feeling motivated to prepare for the upcoming week without sacrificing your whole Sunday?

A successful Sunday routine can look different for everyone depending on what you want to focus on in your life whether it’s health, mindset, or your career. By setting aside time to be intentional with your Sunday routine, you are setting the tone for a successful and productive week ahead.

Here are our top tips on how to get your sh*** together! 


Are you struggling to eat healthy during your busy weekdays? Are you time poor during the week and don’t have time to cook healthy meals? A Sunday meal prep can be a GAME CHANGER! Prioritise prepping healthy meals so you avoid last minute Uber Eats that we are all guilty of! Write down your grocery list so you know exactly what food/products you need to get for this meal prep. 


Yes we said it… HOUSEWORK! It is so important for you to clean your space which could include wiping down benchtops, washing your sheets, taking the rubbish out & getting on top of those dirty dishes in the sink. Never underestimate the impact a clean space can have on your motivation and productivity! 


Write down all important aspects for the week ahead. This can be anything from your goals for the week, appointments, reminders or tasks you need to complete. By getting these thoughts out of your head and onto paper you are able to clearly see what needs to be done and prioritise accordingly.


Move your body for at least 30 minutes. This can be anything from a hot girl walk, stretching in the sun or smashing out your favourite HIIT workout. It is important to not only physically prepare for the week but mentally prepare. 


It’s important to take time out for yourself! Our favourite way to show ourselves a little bit of self love is to pop a hair or face mask on, meditate/stretch, take a relaxing bath and make yourself a delicious Moon Mylk.

We hope these tips give you the inspiration and motivation you need to create YOUR perfect Sunday reset!