Behind the Bar: How we brought the Strawberry Better Being Bar to life with Naked Harvest


Since the start of our business together, myself and Daisy at Sneaky Wholefoods always envisioned making a Strawberry White Chocolate snack - it’s a nostalgic and indulgent all-time-favourite flavour, and one we were both really keen to recreate and bring to life in a better-for-you treat. 

Over the last 2 years we have built up our range of Better Being Blends and Better Being Bars, creating over 6 variations of snack products with flavours that are both unique AND to-die-for. The one thing missing though, was that sweet Strawberry flavour we’d always spoken about creating since day one. 

While we were bringing out new products, we were still spending a lot of time (almost 2 years!) searching for a Strawberry protein powder that would fit our high standards of being delicious, not artificial-tasting, and an all-natural and vegan-friendly formula. There was honestly nothing on the market and we had almost put the Strawberry snack on indefinite hold.....until Naked Harvest hit the market and released their Strawberries & Cream Thrive Plant Protein

The minute my order arrived, I remember ripping the bag open, grabbing a spoon and eating a spoonful dry (I’m that person). Instantly I messaged Daisy and confidently declared “this is it - this is what we’ve been looking for!” 

Fast forward almost another year of recipe developing (turns out vegan white choc chips without nasty ingredients were even harder to source than our beloved Thrive protein) and we finally had the bar we’d always envisioned: The Strawberry White Choc Blondie Better Being Bar in collaboration with Naked Harvest.  

This bar has truly taken off and has exceeded all our wildest dreams. It’s instantly become our best-selling product, and the demand for it grows louder and larger each day. It’s a snack we’re extremely proud of, and one we couldn’t do with the work of Naked Harvest in bringing all-natural, delicious proteins to the market.

This bar symbolises everything both ourselves & Naked Harvest stand for - it’s an all natural formula without the nasties, it’s packed with healthy ingredients designed to add real value to your snack time, it’s fun, it’s delicious and it’ll leave you thriving and feeling like a Better Being.

If you haven’t tried the Naked Harvest THRIVE Plant Protein or our Strawberry White Choc Blondie Better Being Bar yet - you need to!

We promise you’ll feel the difference once you make the switch to natural & carefully created snacks and supplements!

THRIVE is packed FULL of nutrients, vitamins and minerals & functional ingredients to promote a thriving body. We have formulated the perfect plant-based protein (pea and rice) with Magnesium, Organic Maca, Siberian Ginseng, Digestive Enzymes, Psyllium Husk and more to provide you with increased energy, mental performance, immune protection and extra tummy love.

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