5 Healthy Habits with Sarah Cooper

A healthy, happy community is what we care about here at Naked Harvest. Do you have your signature healthy habits ritualised into your everyday routine? Our NH girl and healthy recipe queen @scoopitup_ has shared her top 5 healthy habits with you for some major inspo! 


Healthy Habit #1

Always start your day with a workout. It gives me energy and a clear head for the rest of my day. Working out in the morning is such a good habit as working out at night often leads to tired post work cancellations!

Healthy Habit #2

Always adding protein and fats to my meals and snacks. It keeps you full and satisfied but also is great to sustain energy levels and prevent blood sugar spikes.

Healthy Habit #3

Having my coffee only in the morning and not afternoon so it doesn’t affect sleep. For an afternoon pick me up try a dandelion tea or chai instead.

Healthy Habit #4 

Diffusing lavender essential oils at night. Not only does it create a gentle and calming environment for my room but it helps me relax and smells amazing!

Healthy Habit #5

Immune support supplementation during this time ! One habit I am being diligent about is taking my greens powder , reishi adaptogens and probiotics to support my immunity.


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