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The Sweetest Pair' BBB x NH bundle

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Introducing the 'Sweetest Pair' BBB x NH Bundle 🌸 🍓 Ever wondered what our THRIVE Plant Protein tastes like in a snack? Look no further! The Strawberry + White Chocolate Blondie Bar in collaboration with Sneaky Wholefoods and Steph McDonald, features our very own Strawberries & Cream THRIVE Plant Protein 😍 🍓 

The creamiest white chocolate chips, united with a burst of sweet strawberries will leave your senses buzzing and your taste buds thriving for more. These Strawberry & White Chocolate Blondie bars are plant-based, made with real strawberries, our Strawberries & Cream THRIVE Plant Protein, and are gluten-free. 

Enjoy the best of both worlds with our 'Sweetest Pair' Bundle! Includes 3x Strawberry & White Chocolate Better Being Bars + our Strawberries & Cream THRIVE Plant Protein. What more could you want?