Pine Coconut Vegan Booster
Pine Coconut Vegan Booster
Collagen Beauty Elixir Vegan Booster

Pine Coconut Vegan Booster

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Why do you need to supplement with Collagen? 

To put it simply… our skin is made up of over 75% Collagen which degenerates overtime after we reach our mid 20’s. This is when we start showing early signs of aging! The Collagen Beauty Elixir Vegan Booster will create a healthy glow from the inside out! Formulated with essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals to boost your body's natural collagen production. Say hello to healthy hair, skin, nails and amazing gut health... plus a great source of Vitamin C and Zinc for all your inner and outer beauty needs. 

Vegan. Natural. Gluten Free

What's special about our blend?

Glycine: I am an amino acid that helps your body create proteins! I am important for the growth and maintenance of tissue, and creating hormones and enzymes. 

L- Proline: I am an amino acid that helps to promote healthy collagen production! I also help maintain youthful skin as well as repair of muscle, connective tissue and skin damage.

L-Arginine: I am an amino acid that helps your body create proteins! I also contain anti-aging properties.  

Hydroxyproline: I am a major component of collagen and play a key role in collagen stability!

Organic Lucuma: This superfood is a natural sweetener derived from the fruit of the Lucuma tree. It contains a healthy amount of fibre and a variety of antioxidants.

Organic Camu Camu fruit: Camu Camu berry is a superfood & high in Vitamin C! Among other numerous benefits, Vitamin C is important for the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body, but it decreases as we age. Having Vitamin C with a collagen supplement helps you get the most out of your collagen production. 

Zinc: Zinc is important as it supports healthy collagen production by serving as a cofactor. This means that it activates proteins essential for collagen synthesis.


200g - 20 servings.


Just pop, scoop and stir!

Scoop 3 levelled NH scoops or teaspoons into 200ml of water. Stir well. 

Ingredients List:

Amino Acid Blend (Glycine, L-Proline, L-Arginine Hydrochloride, L-Lysine Monohydrochloride), Botanicals (Organic Lucuma, Indian Gooseberry (Amla), Camu Camu Extract), Acacia Gum, Natural Flavours, Anticaking Agent (Silicon Dioxide), Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Natural Colour (Turmeric), Natural Sweeteners (Steviol Glycosides, Thaumatin), Mineral (Zinc Gluconate), Vitamin (Vitamin E). 

Product Information and Nutritional Panel

Manufactured on equipment that also produces products containing Milk & Soy.

Not suitable for children under 15 years old. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding we recommend you get approval from your health care practitioner before consuming.

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